Brian Hickey…superb in the title role… a Jeff Award performance … utterly masterful….
— Roger Dettmer, Chicago Tribune

Huckleberry Finn Triumphant…We must first like, then love Huck, and Hickey radiating a kind of sublime innocence and awe, touchingly summons up the endearing goodness of this enduring character. He opens his heart to us, and what we discover there is enough to warm us through many a cold night.

The supreme passage in the novel, when Huck humbly realizes how deeply his spiteful tricks have humiliated Jim, is done so simply, so beautifully, that I found myself weeping uncontrollably at it’s conclusion.
— Richard Christiansen, Critic at Large; Chicago Tribune

Brian Hickey is superb in the title role…
— Glenna Syse, Chicago Sun Times

Beautifully done…outshines the pale stuff on the West End stages…the troop, led by Brian Hickey, played with an intensity and precision that enthralled the British audience.
— James Yuenger, Tribune, London Bureau

From My first Equity play, Who Killed Santa Claus?

Gifted Brian Hickey has been nominated for a Jefferson Award for his show-stealing role in Who Killed Santa Claus? …a memorable performance…played superbly, with perfect timing and great dramatic feeling …Hickey had something going with the audience.
— Katherine Winslow, Paddock Publications

From Hungry Hearts at the Ensemble Studio Theater:

…The acting is superior…Brian Hickey provides the most dimensional portrayal as a model of self restraint, subtle humor and un-self-conscious sensitivity.
— Sylvie Drake, Los Angeles Times

The sweet unassuming JT is blissfully underplayed by Brian Hickey, whose work should not go unnoticed.
— Jack Viertel, Los Angeles Herald Examiner

Brian Hickey’s is the most controlled performance…and the truest.
— T.H. McCulloh, Dramalogue

Who’s Happy Now? Brian Hickey is riveting…a superb performance
— Show Biz West

…An excellent performance
— Los Angeles Herald Examiner

Brian Hickey is terrific.
— Century City News

Brian Hickey is impressive.
— Los Angeles Times

Chicago Superstars…Chicago theater is alive and well, thanks in no small part to the Hickey brothers.
— Aaron Gold, Chicago Tribune

“Bryan has a genius for comedy”
— Arthur Penn, Actor’s Studio

“I am always amazed at the quality of Bryan’s work and inventiveness… enthralling, a spectacular actor of many talents”
— Stephen Arvanites, Playwright, Actors Studio

“Watching Bryan perform has been a joy, he has greatly influenced my work…he is incandescent.”
— Judith Estrine, Playwright, Poppy’s Girls
    Artistic Director, Prism Theater Company

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