Backstage with Estelle at the closing of The Danube.

From A Hatful of Rain which was directed by my brother Bruce

This from an early film I shot in Chicago. I played a young addict.

This is from Burnt, where I played a sixties radical, who gets way over his head in trouble with the FBI.

Here I am with Meshak Taylor, who was brilliant  as Jim, the runaway slave.

This is from Huck Finn, directed by Stuart Gordon. It was an award winning  two-part repertory production which also toured the U.S. and Europe, including a short run in London.

This is from In the Bedroom, at the Ohio Theater in New York, in which I played opposite my beautiful wife, Corinne Chateau.

This is a newspaper clipping from Butterflies are Free, where I played a young blind man, setting out on his own in Greenwich Village.

This is a cast picture from Who’s Happy Now? Our first play in LA. I played the lead, my brother Bruce directed, and we produced it together.

Backstage from Larry Gelbart’s, Power Failure, with director Arthur Penn and my young son, Cali. Cali is making the most of the opening night goodies.

I’m still in character makeup here in a backstage shot with Cali and Rudy at a special preview of The Bear, by Anton Chekhov.


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